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The Van Goey Family
Jeroen Van Goey - °19 May 1978

Combining his interest for both the internet and science, he is an aspiring bioinformatician,
also known as: 'Just Another Genome Hacker,'
Dominique Vandecasteele - °12 November 1958

Bringing education to the public of the Zoo of Antwerp, she is above all a wonderfull mother.
Wouter Van Goey - °24 September 1992

An inventer already from early on, he is the youngest and most kinetic addition to the family.
Heleen Van Goey - °13 December 1986

After obtaining her orthopedagogy degree with flyi,ng colors, Heleen is now studying psychology in Leuven.
Jan Van Goey - °1 November 1952

Pater familias, industrial designer and handyman.
Eve Van Goey - °2 March 1982

Her love for arts brougth her to Ghent and Berlin.
Has broad ranging interests, from architecture to being culture-preases.
sailing yacht Forecast - acquired July 1996

With a Bruce Farr designed hull and Philippe Starck interior,
she pleases both the eye and the senses.

From left to right: Jeroen, Dominique, Wouter, Heleen, Jan and Eve Van Goey, on board s/y Forecast.